Our team is specially trained to meet your company’s needs.

We have an experienced, talented and dedicated team ready to consult on a wide variety of business technology products and services including installation and ongoing service of IT products, application development and ShoreTel telephone systems.

grow your business


Do you want spend your time growing your business? Or would you rather spend your days crawling under desks trying to find the magic cable that will make your computer work, your IT bugs disappear, your server start working at warp speed and your printer just start, full stop?

We’re the friendly, cost-effective IT Support company you’ve been dreaming of. We work with small,medium size and large businesses. We do everything from quick IT fixes to long-term support and strategic advice on what technology is right for you.


We know that to do your job properly, you need the right IT.That’s where we come in.

We’ll sort out anything from setting your servers, printers that can handle your workload to making data accessible to all your users wherever they are.

We’re like your very own IT department.
We’re here to help your business run as smoothly as possible, so that you can do your job successfully.

Impressed? Let’s have a chat about what we can do for you.

Sierrastream Technologies

Our core business is built around securing, managing and sharing the important tools that keep your business running. From computers and printers to firewalls, phones and mobile devices, our team has great breadth and depth of knowledge when it comes to creating solid, industry-proven solutions for businesses of all sizes.

We work hard to understand your business and provide you the best system for your business’ unique goals. Our non-commissioned sales team focuses on learning about your company’s needs before developing and proposing an appropriate solution. This model keeps our clients’ needs as our number one priority.


Once we understand your business’ requirements, our team will recommend a solid, industry-proven solution. We implement the solution, make sure you are satisfied with the end-product and check that everything continues to run smoothly.

We do all of this with an experienced team with excellent technical knowledge. With low turnover rates, you can ensure you’ll be working with our specialists consistently. Further, you can be sure that our technicians are always evaluating new technology. As new solutions come up, we will recommend what we think is right for your businesses continued evolution.

If you are interested in learning more about our networking services contact us. We will make arrangements for a system analysis to further explore your unique situation.


Sierrastream offers all the IT support that you’ll ever need. No matter what area your business is in, you need cost-effective, reliable and rock solid IT to keep the show on the road.

And you need the infrastructure, software and scalable capability that means that you’ll be in the same great shape down the line.

Want to upgrade your systems, move offices, increase productivity or migrate to new software? We’ll make it happen.


We take security very seriously and we’ll help you keep track of how data is moving around your organisation.

That means everything from keeping tabs on how much time your team is spending on Facebook through to safeguarding highly sensitive information.

We’ll listen to what you need, customise a package that’s right for you, find the best price out there, set it all up and then keep it running like clockwork.


When your IT systems pack up, we’ll get you up and running again. We’ve seen almost everything that can go wrong, so we’re really well placed to make sure that your business is disaster-proof.

Somebody somewhere has just pressed ‘Delete’ on a crucial file? It happens. So do viruses, hardware or software failure, theft… Even a leaky ceiling can scupper your systems.

That’s why we provide a wide range of back up and disaster recovery solutions. So even if the worst happens, your data will be secure.

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We love technology. We know that it’s the engine that powers your company. And like any other engine, it needs maintenance and updating to keep it working at peak performance.

Keeping things ticking along isn’t just about making sure that your computers get fixed when they hit a glitch.

We can monitor your systems around the clock to catch any problems before they affect you.

We’re also proactive about protecting your company from other nasty surprises that can come if you’re not in top IT shape. For example, are you using up to date, fully licensed software? You might be facing a big fine if you’re not.

Your business needs a secure, fast email system. Busy teams emailing on the go, logging in remotely, using shared resources – that’s a lot of information to control. You need to keep tabs on how your data is circulating, and take action if you need to – like deleting sensitive data from a lost mobile. So, you’ll need reliable servers, secure firewalls, and robust remote solutions at the best price possible.

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  • Web Design and Web Hosting

  • Local Area Networks

  • Wide Area Networks

  • Vital Private Networks

  • Network Security & Firewalls

  • Network Solutions and Maintenance

  • e-Commerce and Online Portal Solutions

  • Database Design and Development  Solutions

  • Online Media-Buys and Traffic generation

  • Internet Marketing

  • Social Media Advertising

  • Pay-Per Click and Remarketing

  • Mobile Apps Development

  • I.T  training and Certifications

  • Business and Technology Consultancy

  • Branding and PR.

  • Sales-Funnels, Lead Generation and Business Models

  • Search-Engine Optimization (SEO),

A Market Leader in Online technologies

Sierrastream can claim to be a market leader. Alert to the fact that the internet is always evolving, our flexible approach to website design gives your business the best start it can get in a challenging and ever-changing sector.

The kind of website design most firms usually offer can be limited compared to the multifaceted services we are renowned for.

Complete Management Services

Sierrastream provides complete Management Services solutions that enable you to scale cost effectively and quickly address evolving business priorities, whether at the inception stage or as part of your long-term IT systems management.

Our philosophy is to employ the best people, technology and processes to provide you the services you need to enhance your ability to focus on what really matters: efficient operations and customer service.

Sierrastream can claim to be a market leader. Alert to the fact that the internet is always evolving, our flexible approach to website design gives your business the best start it can get in a challenging and ever-changing sector.

The kind of website design most firms usually offer can be limited compared to the multifaceted services we are renowned for.

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