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Sierrastream are the experts in mobile technology who create exceptional, brand led mobile experiences that inspire businesses and end consumers alike.

We are a strong team who deliver and strengthen brand advocacy and engagement by creating robust, reliable and intuitive mobile apps and server solutions and have been doing so for a long time.

We’re exceptional at what we do and that means we’re able to deliver a variety of services that set us apart from everyone else.

We work across all mobile platforms, server systems and industry sectors. We can create great mobile apps that are visually stunning and exceptionally imaginative but we can also do much more.

We are a team of talented and proactive technologists who understand the entire technical landscape, from ‘back end’ architecture and development, to ‘front end’ user engagement and experience.

The future is mobile


We are mobile app developers across all major mobile platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, HTML5, Java and .Net

We professionally advise our customers throughout the entire development process; from idea generation through to post launch, we provide creative insight across all platforms as well as specific consultancy and strategies for individual platforms.


Whilst we use them for socialising, and leisure, consumers have demonstrated growing desire to interact with businesses via mobile apps.

Interestingly, only 26% of the most popular sites on the web have produced apps which function on iPhones, Android, and tablets. The difference between growing consumer demand and availability, means that a well positioned app has the potential to add a cutting edge to your business.

The future is mobile so future proof your business with a stunning app from Sierrastream Mobile, a leading iPhone and Android app developer in the UK.


Business applications are at the heart of customer relationships and business operations. We build applications that are able to meet the changing demands of your business and stand up to pressure, in order to stay ahead of the competition.


Well designed applications bring operational efficiency into your organisation. An optimised web application such as a portal, ecommerce app or data management system improves business performance by streamlining processes and enriching the user experience.


The technical side of things is the easy bit, ensuring your app fits in with your internal strategy and thinking is why we’re an award winning company

We’ll start by sitting down and learning everything we can about your business, your customers and exactly how mobile apps fit in with the rest of your marketing activities.

Only then will we turn our attention to design and development of a mobile application that meets the precise needs of your business and, more importantly, your customers.

Even then, our work isn’t over. We’ll manage and maintain your app across all the major mobile platforms, providing you with dedicated ongoing support and consultancy services to help you get the best possible return on your investment.

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• Establish where mobile fits
• Enterprise solution or Consumer driven application?
• Identify the opportunity
• Define the customer journey
• Define mobile road map


• User Experience (UX) concept development
• Branding defined
• Wire framing
• Creative consultation
• Integration policy definition & design
• Cross Platform adaptation
• Concept delivery


• Mobile and backend development
• Agile development framework
• Weekly project reviews with dedicated PM
and development team
• CMS system development
• 3rd party integrations and cross team communications lines established


• Robust QA process
• Bug testing
• UX function and experience testing
• Cross platform checks and testing
• Back end integration / CMS testing
• Future proof testing


• App store optimisation
• App marketing strategy
• App training to internal teams by B60 own trainers
• Full SLA


• SLA and Maintenance
• Consultancy for roll out and partner support


1) Act as another commerce channel to accept secure payments.

2) Place your brand on the home screen of your customer’s favourite device, becoming the first port of call, and increasing customer loyalty.

3) Contain advanced marketing and advertising techniques, including redeemable features, location services, and push notifications.

4) Allow your company to offer new features and services in the form of an app, helping you to diversify your services and offering.

5) Make use of the multimedia contained within a Smartphone to increase employee productivity.

6) Use the Smartphone’s features, such as geo-location, to replace existing facilities and reduce costs.

7) Provide interested parties with another channel through which to communicate, interact and engage with your business.



Website design should make an impact. It’s so important that you are remembered, that your business imagery becomes synonymous with your business name, and that these designs encourage customers to your website.


We’ve all been frustrated by over-complicated and confusingly busy websites. Our website design is always clear and simple, uncluttered and intuitive so your customers can more easily find what they need.


A badly designed website implies a small operation; a well designed, sophisticated website implies a professional organisation. Which would you like to look like? Trust is difficult win, especially online.


A coordinated approach to your corporate design needs to be taken if you are going to effectively build a brand. Bond media are adept at creating and developing bands in all on and offline mediums.

  • Web Design and Web Hosting

  • Local Area Networks

  • Wide Area Networks

  • Vital Private Networks

  • Network Security & Firewalls

  • Network Solutions and Maintenance

  • e-Commerce and Online Portal Solutions

  • Database Design and Development  Solutions

  • Online Media-Buys and Traffic generation

  • Internet Marketing

  • Social Media Advertising

  • Pay-Per Click and Remarketing

  • Mobile Apps Development

  • I.T  training and Certifications

  • Business and Technology Consultancy

  • Branding and PR.

  • Sales-Funnels, Lead Generation and Business Models

  • Search-Engine Optimization (SEO),

A Market Leader in Online technologies

Sierrastream can claim to be a market leader. Alert to the fact that the internet is always evolving, our flexible approach to website design gives your business the best start it can get in a challenging and ever-changing sector.

The kind of website design most firms usually offer can be limited compared to the multifaceted services we are renowned for.

Complete Management Services

Sierrastream provides complete Management Services solutions that enable you to scale cost effectively and quickly address evolving business priorities, whether at the inception stage or as part of your long-term IT systems management.

Our philosophy is to employ the best people, technology and processes to provide you the services you need to enhance your ability to focus on what really matters: efficient operations and customer service.

Sierrastream can claim to be a market leader. Alert to the fact that the internet is always evolving, our flexible approach to website design gives your business the best start it can get in a challenging and ever-changing sector.

The kind of website design most firms usually offer can be limited compared to the multifaceted services we are renowned for.

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